Ranti Endeley, Software Engineer

What’s your role at ADLINK & what’s the best thing about it?

My role is Software Engineer.  

Where did you work before ADLINK?

Prior to taking up my current position I was a Knowledge Transfer Partnership associate (KTP associate) working for ADLINK and Northumbria University on an 8 month long project. Before I started working here I was at University studying for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

What exciting things do you get to work on here?

In my role I work on a number of different projects for a wide variety of customers. My work involves designing and building applications to retrieve data from Industrial machines utilising a variety of communication protocols. I also get to work on exceiting machine vision projects for industrial use cases.

Where do you live?  What’s great about it the area?

I live in County Durham (2 miles south of Durham City Centre). The greatest thing about living here is the affordable property prices.

What’s the best thing about working here?

The best thing about working here is the flexibility I have been afforded in working time and practices. I am offered the freedom to come in when it's most suitable for me and my family and can work from home if necessary.