Kurtulu┼č Öksüztepe

What’s your role at ADLINK & what’s the best thing about it?

I'm working as Senior Software Engineer with Scrum Master role in ADLINK, Netherlands. The best thing about it is that we're producing real technology here and I feel like the future of the world is in my hands.

Where did you work before ADLINK?

In my last 15 years, I worked in defense industry; delivered mission critical projects which require strict deadlines and highest quality. 

What exciting things do you get to work on here?

This is a highly technical environment; full of talent engineers and experts boosting new innovations.

Everyone is warm here. They are always welcoming from the beginning and producing lots of fun here. 

IoT is definitely the future. ADLink dedicates itself seriously and holds the real IoT communication technology which can change the world. 

Where do you live?  What’s great about the area?

I live in Enschede; the nearby city of Hengelo office.  It is a compact sample of a big city that is full of facilities.

Working and living are easy here which indicate a good work-life balance. Netherlands is top rated in work-life balance index (http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/countries/netherlands/) and especially this area of the country accepted as the best place to live.