Robert Poth

What’s your role at ADLINK & what’s the best thing about it?

I'm a DDS Software Architect and I'm the technical lead of OpenSplice, ADLINK's main DDS product. The best thing for me about this role is that it is intellectual challenging and provides lots of opportunities to be creative. The ADLINK business and vision together with a great team here in Hengelo provides an elite environment to pursue creativity. Especially nowadays in the era of IOT, edge computing, AI, robotics and the speed of technology moving forwards is an exciting environment. 

Where did you work before ADLINK?

My career started in the late 80's and I have worked for several high tech companies from Hollandse Signaal Apperaten BV, Thomson CSF, Thales and PrismTech in the roles of publish-subscribe middleware tester, developer, designer and architect. I have always been involved with large scale real-time distributed systems, publish-subscribe middleware and ultimately DDS and as one of the "oldest" DDS team members stood at the cradle of the OpenSplice product.

What exciting things do you get to work on here?

Working on a product like OpenSplice has many exciting aspects, as a middleware product it is typically used in many different use cases all over the world that involves customer support and consultancy which brings me to many places with interesting people and variety of large scale real-time distributed systems. Other exciting aspects are the open source versus commercial activities, diversity of used technologies and technical challenges like designing large scale state based and eventual consistent systems, providing high availability and balancing functional and non-functional requirements in a resource constrained environment.

Where do you live?  What’s great about the area?

I live in the east of Holland and although having been in many places in the world I like living in this area which I would characterize as the edge of urban and country side. For me it provides a nice balance between urban facilities and country side living space.